SafetyNex is currently under integration by OEMs and integrators on several markets in several countries (Europe, USA, Asia)

SafetyNex API is in TRL9, with procedures and iterations of enhancement.

A roadmap of evolution is available to our customers and they can interact with priority levels if needed.

NEXYAD developed a back office architecture on PC, on the asynchronous real time environment RT-MAPS (INTEMPORA), in order to replay trips and audit any dysfonctional software behaviour, knowing that SafetyNex API is called by customer’s application program, that SafetyNex integrates BENOMAD SDK for digital map vectorization, and that BENOMAD reads the digital map (HERE, TOM TOM, or OPEN STREET MAP).

When a « bug » occurs, it is important to know quicly if it comes from :
. an error in the digital map,
. a bug in BENOMAD SDK
. a bug of SafetyNex
. a bug in the customer’s application software (that calls SafetyNex)

With our back office replay tools, errors and bugs are fully traceable.

A database of reference is replayed at every update for test of non regression.

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