A software component easy to integrate to your applications (API/SDK)

Example of integration of SafetyNex API into a demo App for smartphone:
SafetyNex API into SafetyNex App

Mandatory (cope with 75% of driving risk)
Digital map Electronic Horizon – asynchronous, on demand
Accelerometers – 20 Hz
GPS (location and speed) – 1 Hz Time to collision (in s) – > 12 Hz Location on the lane – > 12 Hz
Size of free space – > 12 Hz
Time to collision – > 12 Hz
Interdistance – > 12 Hz
Number of vulnerables around – > 12 Hz
Weather visibility – > 1 Hz
Data stream alerts (weather, accident …)
Other inputs on demand (the more the best)

Real time
Risk(t) – 20Hz
Electronic Horizon – 20 Hz
Structure with alerts (orange/yellow alert, red alert + metadata) – 20 Hz
At the end of every trip (to build your data base)
Risk profile(trip)
Usage profile(trip)


software component

Required Inputs :
. Digital MAP
. Accelerometers

Optional Additional Inputs (*)

In real time :
Driving Risk (t) 20 times per second

At the end of trips :
Risk profile(trip)
Usage profile(trip)

(*) : data coming from sensors and from data flows : interdistance , time to collision, size of free space, presence of vulnerables, visibility ( quality and distance), road grip, warning accident ahead, warning construction area ahead, etc…


iOS, Android, Linux, Windows

Yes. Please follow this process :
Contact us
– Sign NDA
– Get Documentation

Example : SafetyNex API CPU consumption on an iPhone 5 architecture

SafetyNex works in every country where there exist a valuable digital map. We integrate the BENOMAD SDK into SafetyNex API that can read maps of HERE, TOM TOM, and OPEN STREET MAP. Please consult those maps in your application country and see if there is a valuable map (it is OK for about 200 countries).

SafetyNex integrates the SDK of the company Benomad to read and vectorise map. We use to read the HERE map (for its quality)! Benomad can also give access to TomTom and Open Street Map.

Distribution Licence agreement for OEMs and integrators.

A low cost integration of SafetyNex in smartphone is available for demo. Contact us.



Demo of SafetyNex on smartphone (driving with SafetyNex for real) :

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