Modulation of Driving Risk with speed profile approaching STOP signs

Note : Driving Risk rises before STOP signs, and depending on speed (anticipation)

STOP sign is only an example, of course SafetyNex works the same way for curves, winding roads, intersections, school zones, pedestrian crossings, etc …

= Red alert (and for an active automated braking car, it would be trigger to anticipation braking)


Here is a demo of SafetyNex alerts during a real trip (using a simple implementation of SafetyNex API into a smartphone App made for demo ).
This App alerts driver BEFORE a dangerous situation, letting time to slow down and avoid a potential emergency situation (application to Vocal Driving Assistant for Automotive industry, or to Accident Prevention for Insurance / Fleet risk management). If you work on robotized car (ADAS or Autonomous Driving, just fancy that SafetyNex alerts your AI system intead of the human driver).

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