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Onboard driving risk assessment in real time by Deep Learning and logical reasoning Artificial Intelligence.


SafetyNex is a thermometer of risk in driving (riskmeter)! Risk is computed in real time inside the onboard device.

SafetyNex is a « XAI » (see DARPA research program on Artificial Intelligence).

SafetyNex computes 20 times per second the risk that the driver takes. The « driver » may be a human being or an Artificial Intelligence. Then when the risk exceeds a maximum accepted risk value, it is possible to alert the human driver or the Artificial Intelligence (if the car is robotized), letting time to slow down and avoid a potential emergency situation.

or the Artificial Intelligence (if the car is robotized), letting time to slow down and avoid a potential emergency situation.

SafetyNex can be also used to record risk and usage DATA that are fully GDPR compatible.

SafetyNex also gives :
. self-confidence of driver (or driving system)
. driving skills
. lacks of anticipation in driving


. Records risk and usage profiles on a cloud for

UBI and connected fleets
. Good drivers can gain coupons in physical shops and webstores : gamification, customers acquisition
. Computes driving risk 20 times per second. Autonomous driving can adapt driving behaviour in order to keep risk under a maximum

accepted risk value
. Records risky/safe driving behaviour and modifies driver behaviour in real time with alerts
. Alerts driver before a risky situation if and only if driving behaviour is not appropriate to driving context (road safety)



software component

Required Inputs :
. Digital MAP
. Accelerometers

Optional Additional Inputs (*)

In real time :
Driving Risk (t) 20 times per second

At the end of trips :
Risk profile(trip)
Usage profile(trip)

(*) : data coming from sensors and from data flows : interdistance , time to collision, size of free space, presence of vulnerables, visibility ( quality and distance), road grip, warning

accident ahead, warning construction area ahead, etc…



NEXYAD algorithm SafetyNex


Estimate Driving Risk and alert driver
(the only algorithm in the world that can do that)


See applications to Car Insurance
(Accident and risk prevention, UBI)


Understand Key Notion of Driving Risk
(risk is not probability)


See applications to Intelligent Vehicles
(Vocal Driving Assistants, ADAS, Autonomous Driving)


SafetyNex bringing Anticipation Skills to ADAS & Autonomous Driving Systems



Scenarios where only SafetyNex can avoid accident (few examples)


Exhausted STOP line marking Big vehicle masking the scene


Big vehicle masking the scene Intersection


Exhausted pedestrial markings Big vehicle masking the scene


Speed too fast for a masked tiny curve


Bad weather visibility Traffic jam behind the curve